How to Gain Control of Your Back Pain

Sep5th 2015

According to the 2012 American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) Low Back Pain Survey, 61% of Americans said they have experienced low back pain, and of those, 69% felt it has affected their daily lives.

When your low back pain has become an ongoing concern, delaying treatment just allows the compensation process to become more complex.  Delaying treatment will ultimately require more time, expense, and potential surgery to overcome your problem.

Two Key Components that Give You Control
1. An active exercise program designed to correct the source of your pain
2. An education on your unique back problem

It is known that knowledge is power and this is very true for people dealing with back pain. Understanding how to help yourself is indispensable and puts you in charge of a potential frustration in life.

Our physical therapists at Full Potential are experts at helping you find answers to your back problem. It is important to realize that help can come in many forms when you hurt; but ultimately, the best help is that which gives you the ability to help yourself. Don’t delay, get started today.  Call your doctor and get a referral.

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