Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Holland, MI

Motor Vehicle Accident Injury

If You’ve Been Injured in a Car Accident, Physical Therapy Can Help You Find Relief

Motor vehicle accidents are in a class of injuries that account for one of the most if not the most severe of forces the body has to experience and try to recover and return to normal. Violent force absorbed by the body can cause a variety of orthopedic, nervous, internal, and cosmetic injuries. After going through the healing phase of the motor vehicle accident injury one is now potentially confronted with not only the lingering effects of stiffness, motion, strength and nerve deficits,  but also the  vague soft tissue disorders associated with high impact trauma. Whiplash injuries to the neck along with other muscle strains to the body can leave one with deficits that are not really time dependent. This ongoing pain and limitation has more to do with how a violent strain can contribute to “misprograming” of the nervous system’s communication to muscles, joints and fascia. This “misprograming”  keeps these systems in a state of agitation and hyperactivity which can be painful and affect one’s enjoyment of life. 

As mentioned above, such conditions are not time dependent which means they can go on indefinitely. Now, not all accidents result in ongoing lingering effects and much depends on the forces exchanged, speeds, angle of collision, type of  vehicle, protective airbags, age and so on. Physical therapy at Full Potential can provide a full assessment to uncover these ongoing influences that can be life changing after experiencing a motor vehicle accident injury. The road back to normal has many phases depending on the  severity of your injuries,  but having a physical therapist to help you steer the most efficient path can be one of the best assets one can have to work your way back to normal. The PT can be not only your expert in handling your post accident recovery but as well your coach, teacher and cheerleader along a road full of hills and valleys. It is best to not to go it alone if you can avoid it. 

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident or along a similar line, a bad fall or bicycle accident, your body has absorbed a notable amount of force. How it dissipates that force has a lot to do with your return to normal.  Healing, fracture management, and post-surgical recovery are all one aspect of the healing  process and typically follow a time variable. Full Potential Physical Therapy can help you all along the way in this process as well assist you in dissipating the lingering effects of how trauma affects the body from a soft tissue  standpoint as well. 

If you have been in an accident and the healing process has run its course and you are still having problems, consider having a consultation with us, we will get your history and do a preliminary evaluation to see if we have some answers for you or  if not, we may be able to direct you to someone who does. As well, read over the category above on chronic pain, it can give you more understanding about   conditions that are lingering beyond their usual healing time frames. 

In any event, do not stop trying to find the answers you need, a consult can be a great first step. 

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