Respiratory Muscle Retraining and Relaxation Rehabilitation Holland, MI

Respiratory Muscle Retraining and Relaxation Rehabilitation

In our current work and social culture, stress is a common component. The perpetual problem of having do more with less time, less resources, and less manpower puts tremendous stress on an individual to meet the demands of a constantly changing environment. Add to this, family, economic, and personal issues and a complex picture of stress begins to emerge.

How this plays out functionally in our bodies is that our autonomic nervous system is divided into two major divisions related to the fight or flight and relaxation systems. Suffice it to say the fight or flight system is getting far more stimulation through the rigors of life than is the relaxation system.

It is clear people need to learn a basic process for activating the relaxation system and turn off the overworked fight or flight response in the body. There are simple ways to do this which can be used under resting conditions or when going about your day so stress can be relieved. We often incorporate these techniques into treatment with the neck and upper back, TMD, or any area that is experiencing strong pain. Pain stimulates the flight or fight response in the body and having techniques which calm the autonomic nervous system can be very helpful in the comprehensive treatment of a difficult problem.

Common Conditions our physical therapist help:

  • Neck
  • TMJ
  • Upper back pain
  • Non-cardiac chest pain
  • Costochondritis
  • Muscle tension
  • Upper chest
  • Over breathing habits.

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