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Shoulder Pain Relief

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Shoulder pain can present itself in many ways. Maybe you feel pain in your shoulder when you’re trying to get into a comfortable sleeping position,  maybe you notice it when you reach to your top cabinet to grab a glass or during sports and in more demanding work activities.   However your shoulder pain may present itself, it’s no secret that it physically limits your life. 

The shoulder is one of the most common joints in the body which can develop pain. One reason for this vulnerability is the amount of potential motion in the shoulder. It has more movement compared to any other joint in the body. To allow for this wide range of movement the shoulder must rely on an intricate muscle and ligament system along with four interacting joint systems.  This relates directly to the shoulder, shoulder blade, and upper back/ribs. Because the functional performance of the shoulder relies extensively on muscle, the potential for developing muscle imbalances is quite strong and this is the primary reason for the many potential problems related to sports, repetitive motion, and postural strain. In addition, the arm is part of our protective mechanism, so any fall will be “broken” with our arm reaching out. 

Whether your shoulder pain onset is recent  from a fall, accident, or heavy use,  or you have been coping with it for months to years, there is often a basis for the pain and starting with a through exam to pinpoint the source is key to successful treatment. 

Successful treatment works from pain control, to establishing normal return of motion to finally strengthening and functional exercises. It often requires notable hands on care to help regain motion which will transition into more exercise as the patient is more able to participate. 

Ultimately what most people are looking for is performance, that your shoulder can deliver what you need when you need it as it relates to work, lifting, repetitive motion, or sports. This is where strength and muscle balance and coordination are needed which is the final phase of getting better. 

Because muscle plays a significant role in the shoulder to deliver performance, a patient has to be a willing participant in the process. Motion, strength and muscle balance are the qualities that give a person the ability to get back to doing the things their life demands and enjoys. 

Physical therapy and the shoulder go very well together since most functional recoveries will require following the appropriate steps to restore motion and build the necessary postural and shoulder strength. This is why nearly all shoulder injuries and surgeries will requires some degree of rehabilitation since these steps will not usually happen on their own.

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The number of reasons why shoulder pain may develop is vast. However, some of the most common causes include:

Shoulder Impingement 

The most common problem in the shoulder  is diagnosed as shoulder impingement syndrome. Pain is usually in the front of the shoulder and down into the upper arm. Pain will increase as you raise the arm especially at about midrange. If you do not do something about it, you can develop  tendonitis or progressively more pain and/or loss of motion. 


Tendonitis is an inflammation of the tendon  specific to the shoulder called  the rotator cuff tendons. This is a more slow to heal condition and requires one to protect the shoulder from further damage by avoiding the offending activity. Ignoring your shoulder pain as you continue to use it,  can lead one to more limited and painful movement to the point of  developing a frozen shoulder. 

Frozen Shoulder

A frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis as it is medically referred can occur from not acting to avoid the effects of impingement and tendonitis. Also, it can occur after trauma from a fracture or fall or surgery with the arm immobilized. At times, there was no obvious cause, the arm just gets tight and goes through various phases of pain and limited motion. In this case there is often long standing unrecognized stress on the shoulder from poor posture and muscle imbalances.

Rotator Cuff Tears

This is where the tendon has undergone excessive stress over time, possibly having tendonitis without proper care and eventually leading to a tear. As well, it can occur from a fall or accident with a sudden force on the tendon. A tear often requires surgery to fix the problem and from there a comprehensive rehabilitation program to get the motion, strength and function back to normal. It usually requires the patient to be fully involved in their exercise program to get a good result.

Post-Surgery Rehabilitation


Osteoarthritis (OA) of the shoulder joint is often the consequence of use, age and stress causing excessive wear. Arthritis is a graded diagnosis from mild to severe. The best help PT can offer is before the OA gets severe. Those who have severe arthritis and are of the right age range may need a shoulder replacement or surgery of some type to overcome the joint problem. Milder forms of OA can often be helped in PT with a program designed to restore motion and strength.


Labrum Tear


Dislocation of the shoulder occurs when the head of the humerus pops out of place. This type of injury is extremely painful and unfortunately makes you more vulnerable to recurrence after the first dislocation occurs.



All the above diagnosis can be helped with PT especially if they do not delay care and allow the development of severe impingement, tendonitis or OA.

Full Potential Physical Therapy is equipped to help you with your shoulder problem, whether from an injury or post-surgical. If you have any questions about whether PT is right for you, get a free consultation with us, learn more about your options and get informed to make the right decision.

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