How to Protect Your Active Lifestyle

Aug10th 2015

When there has not been an acute strain, then many complaints coming from the foot, knee, or hip fall into a category of injury called overuse injuries.   These pains are often diagnosed as a tendonitis, bursitis, patellar tracking syndrome, plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee, synovitis, repetitive stress injury, or even a stress fracture. Yes, there is a name for every pain in the body. Yet, this name does not imply what the source of the problem is. What these types of diagnoses do imply is that there is an inefficient mechanical influence causing stress on a joint such as your knee.

If you only medicate, then you are not really addressing these inefficiencies but only the symptoms or inflammation.

What you need is for someone to look for the reason why the problem developed.  Physical Therapy will identify where the problem is being generated by looking at your movement system. Physical therapists understand that your body is not the interaction of individual parts but is a system of movement requiring closely coordinated timing to reach optimal performance. When movement timing is not optimal, overuse and pain can be the consequence. Weakness, misalignment, tightness, joint hypermobility are just a few examples of what could interfere with your body’s timing when being active.   In addition, there could be other factors related to footwear, ergonomics or sport specific mechanics that could be a detrimental influence.

With this all these variables where do you start in getting an answer?  Your first step for a successful outcome is for a physical therapist to evaluate you – not as disjointed parts but as a movement system – to truly understand what is causing your pain. If you enjoy being active and are having an ongoing problem with limb pain, you own it to yourself to get an evaluation at Full Potential. Take the first step to a more active future and call your doctor today for a referral.

Vincent Hanneken, PT & Owner of FPPT