Free Back Pain Workshop

Date: 24 Jan 2019
Time: 7pm- 8pm
Location: 286 Hoover Blvd. Holland, MI 49423

I have greatly strengthened muscle groups in the thighs, calves, and back to erase SI pain and pain from multiple tears in upper thighs from climbing up and down steep hills. Full Potential is a GREAT institution!! Full Potential has excellent therapists who care and progress at a steady pace. They have excellent equipment to facilitate healing and build strength. All of the staff was kind and supportive. Thank you!
-Annette R.

“Since starting physical therapy, I have found hope that the chronic pain and tightness can and will get better as well as discovering that motion is a positive thing and not a frustrating thing. There are days when my ankle hardly hurts and I have found increased mobility and flexibility in my neck, shoulder, and ankle. Full Potential is committed to resolving issues. They provide a hands on therapy (I have been to PT’s who do not do manual therapy) and they genuinely care. They are always friendly and never judgmental. They are really, really nice people that I now consider friends.”
– Kathryn B.

“I am no longer waking up in the middle of the night with pain, soreness, and tightness. I am now able to sleep the whole night with no issues and I wake up feeling good. I have no other issues during the day and I can live my life again! Once the issue was figured out, I felt so much better within two weeks. Every one at Full Potential is very friendly and everyone treats you great. They fix your problems!” ​
-Matt G.

VIDEO URL:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0f3MlDV5Ews&index=3&list=PLnUAiSusRI-rSjV2MiszhMXSwIKLew3p9