I am Now Able to Get to and From Class With Little Pain!

Apr8th 2015

The biggest and most positive change for me has been my progress with walking. I’ve had so much trouble with walking properly and now I’m able to get to and from class with little pain. Also, I was able to actually play volleyball which I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do. I also am able to go up and down the stairs. This is something I thought I wouldn’t be able to do, now I am doing it with ease.

I think all of the faculty does a great job at explaining what they expect from the patients. They are all so welcoming and understanding of the pain that I feel. They don’t ever push me to an extremely painful point, but I do feel like I’m being pushed every time I come in. I love the entire staff here! Thank you all very much for everything! I am grateful I came to Full Potential!

-Jocelyn E.