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Patient Results:Thoracic/Ribs

  • I had a burning sensation in chest extending to armpit, pain on sternum, tightness & limited range of motion on left arm. Now, I have full range of motion in left arm, burning sensation is gone, the pain on sternum is gone.

    - burning sensation in chest extending…
  • I was in extreme pain, missing sleep, couldn”t concentrate or do physical activities. My pain is almost completely gone, sleeping much better, able to concentrate on work, able to do physical activity without pain.

    - extreme pain, missing sleep…
  • I had weakness, numbness and tingling in the arm/hand, stabbing feeling in shoulder blade area. Now, my strength is returning, numbness and tingling gone, shoulder blade pain gone.

    - weakness, numbness and tingling…
  • Before, I would have sharp pains inside my shoulder blade. As of now, I am free from any imobilizing pains that occurred during the day.  I can play my saxophone.

    - before I would have sharp pains inside…
  • Have made remarkable progress. Gained great rotation, abdominal strength, proper breathing ability. Hips have also strengthened and gained more rotation. Overall program has given me great relief!

    - Have made remarkable progress…
  • I had a lot of upper and lower back pain after pregnancy as well as postpartum anxiety. After physical therapy and breathing exercises, everything is so much better.

    - I had a lot of upper and lower back pain..
  • Work was hard for me due to my mid-back pain; I very rarely get that pain anymore and if it comes I know what to do to calm it down. I also love to walk and walking was painful due to my left hip. I don”t have that pain anymore. However, due to being 7 1/2 months pregnant, walking is getting increasingly difficult!

    - Work was hard for me due to my mid-back pain..