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Patient Results:Shoulder

  • I have greater strength and ability to use my arm, and also improved sleep! Full Potential’s strength is that they are genuinely caring. My therapists listened to me and worked with me to achieve results. They were as excited about my progress as I was!

    -Tamela E.

    - I Have Greater Strength and Ability to Use My Arm!
  • Deb-S

    At Full Potential, after a knee replacement, I worked with Dr. Carrie Metevia and Joel Flenniken. Carrie and Joel provided me with all the “why” of what the therapy, exercises and continued homework strategies would accomplish. The continued exercises provided the strength to recover what surgery had undone. And after it was done, I could hop. I couldn’t before knee replacement, and now the hop is back. Every person I met – from desk to table, was a positive encounter. It was a good journey back.

    -Deb S.

    - The Exercises Provided the Strength to Recover What Surgery Had Undone!
  • I had a painful shoulder and no strength. Now, I am much better and able to reduce pain with exercises. Also, the relief in my back has been life changing.  Thanks!

    - The Relief in My Back Has Been Life Changing!
  • I had severe pain in my shoulder going into head. Now, headache is gone and significant improvement in pain.  I can do a lot more now since I came to physical therapy.

    - My Headaches are Gone and There Has Been a Significant Improvement in My Pain!
  • I had a fractured humorous bone in a sling following surgery to insert a plate. Therapy has been extremely helpful. I learned to use my arm again. I will continue with the therapy at home. I couldn’t have done this without the wonderful therapist.

    - I Learned to Use My Arm Again!
  • I had a sharp pain with certain movements and limited arm lifting/reaching and dull pain at times in upper arm. Now, I have tremendous improvement with movements and no or much less pain.

    - I’ve Had Tremendous Improvement and No or Much Less Pain!
  • I had pretty constant shoulder/arm pain and could not sleep on my side. Sleep was interrupted often due to pain. Now, my shoulder pain is much improved. I’m sleeping through the night without pain. If I don’t put pressure/weight on the area, I’m comfortable!  Thanks!

    - I Am Now Able to Sleep Through The Night Without Pain!
  • My upper right shoulder/neck and lower back was stiff and in pain, as well as my knee.  Now, my right shoulder zero pain, minimal stiffness in back. I have found my abdominal muscles! It feels great to be able to stabilize my core.

    - My Right Shoulder No Longer Experiences Pain!
  • I was in constant pain in my left shoulder; experienced sharp pain when raising arm; had difficulty with dressing. Now, I am now able to do almost everything with little or no pain. I have full range of motion again.

    - I Am Now Able to do Almost Everything With Little to No Pain!
  • I had torn my rotator cuff and had limited movement after surgery.  Now, I have both motion and strength back after therapy.  Full Potential worked carefully with my shoulder and taught me exercises for home.  With a few exceptions I’m as good as new!  Thanks, you made it fun and successful.

    - Full Potential Made My Experience Fun and Successful!