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Patient Results:Sciatica

  • I was limping and walking was painful. Now, My hip is freed up and I can walk again!

    - I Can Walk Well Again!
  • I was only able to walk about 2 min before getting a pain in my back.  When I sat in the chair with my legs out, it went numb after a few seconds. Now, I am now able to walk a very long distance before I feel any pain. I can also sit in the recliner chair for 15 mins before my leg gets numb.  Everyday gets better. I highly recommend Full Potential!!

    - I Am Now Able to Walk Long Distances!
  • I had shooting pain down my leg. Now, my pain is just about gone – I am able to move better without the pain.

    - I Am Able to Move My Leg Without Pain Again!
  • I had back pain, stiffness, electrical shocks down to feet, muscle pain in back. Now, I have more movement, improved range of motion, less stiffness, able to ride bike and be more active!! Great results as usual!

    - I Am Able to Ride My Bike and be More Active Again!
  • I had back pain, sciatica, not sleeping, pain most of the time, rotated, one leg shorter. Now, I’m able to sleep better, also pain free most of the time.  Jack has given me clear instructions on the exercises.  I’m able to “fix” the problem without having to schedule more appointments.

    - I Was Taught How to Fix My Problem Myself!
  • I was in horrible, constant pain and dizziness. Now, the sciatic pain is almost non-existent, dizziness very minimal and I know what to do if it becomes an issue.

    - I Know What to do if My Sciatica Flares up!
  • I am very happy with the therapy results I’ve seen. When I came in, I was having problems with my sciatic for about six weeks. Through therapy, I was able to learn many exercises which have really helped me and will continue to help through life. Full Potential is doing a GREAT job!

    - I Learned Many Exercises to Help My Sciatica!