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Patient Results:Post Surgical

  • Deb-S

    At Full Potential, after a knee replacement, I worked with Dr. Carrie Metevia and Joel Flenniken. Carrie and Joel provided me with all the “why” of what the therapy, exercises and continued homework strategies would accomplish. The continued exercises provided the strength to recover what surgery had undone. And after it was done, I could hop. I couldn’t before knee replacement, and now the hop is back. Every person I met – from desk to table, was a positive encounter. It was a good journey back.

    -Deb S.

    - The Exercises Provided the Strength to Recover What Surgery Had Undone!
  • I had elbow replacement surgery; extremely limited use of left arm. Now, I almost have complete use gained back; pain is gone and other than the need to build up my strength, there are no limitations. Full Potential did amazing work and I give them all the credit for getting my arm back and encouraging me.

    - I Give Full Potential All The Credit for Getting My Arm Back and Encouraging Me!