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Patient Results:Knees

  • My knee would hurt after dancing and walking. Now, my knee pain is few and far between, back to dancing and loving it!

    - I Am Back to Dancing With Very Little to no Pain!
  • I had a right knee replacement that restrained me to no movement or walking. Now, I am able to walk and have good movement without pain.

    - I Am Now Able to Move Without Pain!
  • Since my car accident in 1998, limitations ongoing.  I had knee pain while sleeping, stiffness, pain, swelling, ache. Now, improved from exercises and therapy!! Stronger and more flexible; not as much pain & discomfort; only awaken a couple of times since therapy started.

    - I Am Now Stronger and More Flexible!
  • I couldn’t run without pain, hips hurt and were always sore throughout the day. Now my hips don’t hurt all the time and if they do, it’s only a little bit.  I can also run without any major pain.

    - I Can Now Run Without Major Pain!
  • I was unable to run or walk. Going up and down stairs was impossible! Even sitting and getting up were painful! I am now able to go about daily life without pain. I take walks every day and am able to run short distances. I’ve been educated about the cause of my knee pain and given the exercises to help relieve the pain.  I am confident that I can now maintain a pain free walk/run lifestyle because of the treatment and education from Full Potential.

    - I Was Given the Exercises to Help Relieve the Pain!
  • I was having difficulty walking from the pain and lack of mobility n right quad. Now, I no longer have pain in my leg and I have restored mobility.

    - I No Longer Have Pain in My Leg and My Mobility is Restored!
  • I injured my knee running and could not run at all after injury. Also, walking, mowing and going downstairs aggravated it.  Now, with Full Potential’s help, my knee feels great and I have been able to run.

    - Thanks to Full Potential, My Knee Feels Great and I am Able to Run Again!
  • I went through ACL reconstruction, which limited me. After physical therapy, I have gained strength and ROM. I became a lot more functional as compared to before.  I feel confident in my abilities to stand for long periods and beginning physical activity for exercise again.

    - I Now Feel Confident in Beginning Physical Activity for Exercise Again!
  • I wasn’t able to walk very far for very long when I first came to Full Potential. Now, my walking is just fine. Thank you so very much.

    - I Can Walk Long Distance Now!
  • My strength was very weak in my leg and a good amount of pain in my knee doing everyday activities. Now, I have gained a good amount of strength throughout my knee and leg. I have little limitation when working out now and feel like I have improved greatly.  Couldn’t have asked for better!  Thanks!

    - I Have Regained Strength Throughout My Knee and Leg!