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Patient Results:Hip

  • The most positive changes since starting PT is being able to resume normal activities and regain strength and function of my left hip. They were very punctual, willing to thoroughly answer all questions, very supportive and encouraging. They explained the exercises in a clear way and what the benefits are for strengthening. I’m so impressed with all the staff at Full Potential!

    -Linda D.

    - I Regained Strength and Function in My Left Hip!
  • My hips and legs are stronger. My balance has improved so much! Everyone here is very friendly and kind. There is a level of professionalism I haven’t seen before at a Physical Therapist clinic. The staff treated me with respect and worked very well with my limitations!

    -Scott L.

    - My Hips and Legs are Stronger!
  • My leg was very weak and I always had several sore muscles. My  hamstring was limited in its range of motion and very weak. Now, I have regained motion in my right leg and my hamstring has become stronger.

    - I Have Regained Motion in My Right Leg and My Hamstring has Become Stronger!
  • I could not run, barely walk without my hip sending a painful shock. Now,  I don’t ever feel the shock anymore.  I am running again and my hip is not a weakness anymore.

    - I Am Running Again and My Hip is No Longer Weak!
  • I was lurching grotesquely rather than walking.  I had a severe pelvic tilt. Hips were always stiff and uncomfortable. Now, my condition has changed-absolutely!! I am much stronger, my gait is noticeable improved. I can do exercises I never thought I could.  Best of all, I feel much more knowledgeable about my muscular structure.  Full Potential is a fine operation.

    - I Can Now do Exercises I Never Thought I Could!
  • Due to a new hip (replacement) I was very restricted in movement, I was limping and scar area was very sore. Now, I am so much improved, my gait has improved, I can turn my foot inward and have no pain now. Every day I feel more improved with exercises and I am sure I will continue to improve because of physical therapy and Full Potential’s care.

    - I Will Continue to Improve Because of Full Potential’s Physical Therapy!
  • I had a sharp pain in the top right part of my hip. It hurt whenever I attempted to run. It hurt whenever I ran. Now, I can run without any pain. The sharp pain went away.

    - I Can Now Run Without Any Pain!
  • Stiffness and muscle weakness due to trauma to the hip/pelvis area. Now, I am much more free in my hip and pelvis areas.  I am now walking without crutches and without any limp.  My stride is back to normal, and my posture is better than before I was injured.

    - I Am Now Walking Without Crutches and Without a Limp!
  • I was having pain in my thigh. I had limitations bending, sitting, standing, walking steps, in/out of car. Now, my pain reduced, mobility has significantly improved as well as walking, sitting, in/out of car.

    - My Pain Has Reduced and My Mobility Has Increased!
  • I was having hip pain – it was hard to drag leg around sometimes-intense inner hip pain.  Now, (Full Potential) “dug” until they found the root of the pain and didn’t’ give up… used a holistic approach and helped me get tests & evaluations that prior PT”s didn’t. Thanks to their healing hands & suggestions, I can move freely and know how to maintain my back/hip.  I’m walking better, in much less pain and hopeful for an active life.

    - Full Potential Helped Me Get Tests & Evaluations That Prior PT’s Didn’t!