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Patient Results:General

  • Deb-S

    At Full Potential, after a knee replacement, I worked with Dr. Carrie Metevia and Joel Flenniken. Carrie and Joel provided me with all the “why” of what the therapy, exercises and continued homework strategies would accomplish. The continued exercises provided the strength to recover what surgery had undone. And after it was done, I could hop. I couldn’t before knee replacement, and now the hop is back. Every person I met – from desk to table, was a positive encounter. It was a good journey back.

    -Deb S.

    - The Exercises Provided the Strength to Recover What Surgery Had Undone!
  • Since starting physical therapy, I have found hope that the chronic pain and tightness can and will get better as well as discovering that motion is a positive thing and not a frustrating thing. There are days when my ankle hardly hurts and I have found increased mobility and flexibility in my neck, shoulder, and ankle.

    Full Potential is committed to resolving issues. They provide a hands on therapy (I have been to PT’s who do not do manual therapy) and they genuinely care. They are always friendly and never judgmental. They are really, really nice people that I now consider friends.

    -Kathryn B.

    - I Have Increased Mobility and Flexibility in My Neck, Shoulder, and Ankle!
  • My range of motion has greatly improved! I am able to do my normal life with out difficulty or pain. I’ve gotten my life back! I always feel cared for and heard when I am feeling pain or I’m not able to do an activity. Mari and Rae are both great to work with and they helped me so much. Thank you!

    -Melanie P.

    - I’ve Gotten My Life Back!
  • The biggest and most positive change for me has been my progress with walking. I’ve had so much trouble with walking properly and now I’m able to get to and from class with little pain. Also, I was able to actually play volleyball which I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do. I also am able to go up and down the stairs. This is something I thought I wouldn’t be able to do, now I am doing it with ease.

    I think all of the faculty does a great job at explaining what they expect from the patients. They are all so welcoming and understanding of the pain that I feel. They don’t ever push me to an extremely painful point, but I do feel like I’m being pushed every time I come in. I love the entire staff here! Thank you all very much for everything! I am grateful I came to Full Potential!

    -Jocelyn E.

    - I am Now Able to Get to and From Class With Little Pain!
  • Since coming to Full Potential, I have an increased range of motion and my strength has increased as well. When I came to Full Potential, my Physical Therapist presented as very professional, knowledgeable, and skilled. He took the time to answer my questions and he applied treatment that was focused on helping my body heal at an appropriate pace.

    All the staff in the office with whom I interacted with were attentive to my needs and seemed genuinely interested in my success. There was a positive atmosphere created by respect and the right amount of humor. Thank you Full Potential!

    -Sharon P.

    - My Range of Motion and Strength Has Increased!
  • I had extreme pain in my left shoulder. It limited my ability to do anything but small tasks and could not sleep due to the pain. Through the efforts of Carrie and Joel, my pain is gone. I can do anything and am sleeping again! They did a GREAT job!

    Carrie massaged ‘a million’ major (& small) knots out of my shoulder muscles and Joel helped me immensely through exercise. They were both very knowledgeable and knew just what to do to help me. THANK YOU!”

    -Kathy S.

    - My Shoulder Pain is Completely Gone!
  • I came to Physical Therapy for my neck pain that was caused by stress. I didn’t even realize I was in so much pain, I was just living with it and I thought it was normal! When I was seen by my doctor, he recommenced I come here to ease the pain I was having. I knew I had to cut back on the pain relievers I was taking, but I didn’t know how. Now, I have cut back a tremendous amount since coming to therapy. I never dreaded coming here because I always knew I’d feel better after coming. Every time I came, I learned something new and I always do those things at home when I feel pain coming on.

    I definitely recommend people who are in pain to not live that way. I don’t have one negative thing to say about Full Potential. Every one here is so friendly and always has a smile on their face.

    -Marilyn M.

    - I Never Dreaded Coming for PT Because I Knew I’d Feel Better After Coming!
  • I was in a lot of pain and dizzy, but now I am in a significant less amount of pain with no cramping and experience no dizziness.

    - I Now Have Significantly Less Pain and No Longer Struggle With Dizziness!
  • With instructions for exercises and in house exercise, I was helped to walk steadily. At home instruction exercises to maintain and increase strength. I appreciated the encouragement.

    - I was Given At-Home Exercises to Maintain and Increase My Strength!
  • I am pleased with my results. (Full Potential) challenged me to reach for progress and was excellent in teaching me both about my problem and techniques to relieve it. Though ice and heat have become my friends, I feel better than I have in a very long time. Thanks so much…for your dedication.

    - Full Potential Challenged Me to Reach for Progress!