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Patient Results:Elbow and wrist/hand

  • I could not hold much of anything and had very little strength and much pain and discomfort. Now, both of my hands have equal strength now and that is so good.  I have more flexibility and mobility in both hands and arms than I have for years.  I stand taller and feel so much better that everyone around me has noticed and commented.

    - I could not hold much of anything
  • I had to stop swimming due to the state of my shoulders, the pain was very intense. Now, my condition has absolutely changed, I have full range of motion again with only a small amount of ache remaining in my right shoulder. The exercises are helping to get rid of this however.

    - I had to stop swimming due to the state of my shoulders
  • (Had) arm, wrist pain-tightness in pecks and shoulders (Now) my wrist pain is completely gone. I have learned the stretching needed to eliminate the pain and muscle strengthening to avoid future problems.  Thanks!

    - arm, wrist pain-tightness in pecks and shoulders
  • I was in pain and had stiffness, lack of mobility, lack of strength in left hand, arm, shoulder and neck. Now, I am seeing a major improvement in mobility, control, strength and flexibility in neck, shoulder, arm and left hand. Still have some pain in left wrist and lack of grip strength in left hand and fingers.

    - pain, stiffness, lack of mobility..
  • I was in constant pain in my right wrist and was limited to do any work. Now, most of my is pain gone, can work, I know what to do to gain 100% healing.

    - Constant pain right wrist, limited to do any work.
  • I had elbow replacement surgery; extremely limited use of left arm. Now, I almost have complete use gained back; pain is gone and other than the need to build up my strength, there are no limitations. Full Potential did amazing work and I give them all the credit for getting my arm back and encouraging me.

    - elbow replacement surgery
  • I went from almost constant pain in my left elbow to where it is now almost nonexistent. I also gained knowledge in how to avoid (or lessen) future flareups.

    - I went from almost constant pain in my left
  • I had significant improvement in three months…my right hand and wrist were very limited in their use, but now I have very significant functional use. I’ll need to improve strength but the exercises given to me to do at home will maintain, and hopefully, improve the progress I have made. The environment and friendliness at Full Potential are first-rate.

  • When I came in, I had fractured and dislocated my elbow. After two surgeries I was (at Full Potential) for therapy. All of the staff were very comforting and very helpful. They seemed to know a lot about my injury and had many ways to help me get better. I now feel great and am back to wrestling.

    - When I came in, I had fractured…
  • I had severe limitation on wrist movement in all directions. I now have near normal flexibility. With normal use and specific exercises I expect it to continue to improve. This is my second series of physical therapy at this practice and both have been very positive. With (rheumatoid arthritis) I expect some future time I”ll need treatment on another joint. This will be my choice of where to receive treatment if needed.

    - I had severe limitation on wrist movement…