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Patient Results:Chronic

  • The exercises that were taught to me gave me the relief from pain that I’ve dealt with for over 3 years! I believe the best quality was in taking plenty of time with me to adequately instruct the importance of how the pain occurs and how to prevent it from starting.

    Five Stars all around!!!

    -Mark A.

    - I Gained Pain Relief After Dealing With it For 3 Years!
  • Since starting physical therapy, I have found hope that the chronic pain and tightness can and will get better as well as discovering that motion is a positive thing and not a frustrating thing. There are days when my ankle hardly hurts and I have found increased mobility and flexibility in my neck, shoulder, and ankle.

    Full Potential is committed to resolving issues. They provide a hands on therapy (I have been to PT’s who do not do manual therapy) and they genuinely care. They are always friendly and never judgmental. They are really, really nice people that I now consider friends.

    -Kathryn B.

    - I Have Increased Mobility and Flexibility in My Neck, Shoulder, and Ankle!