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Patient Results:Cervical – Headaches - TMJ

  • Since starting PT, I have returned to normal functions without pain or discomfort—chewing, talking, yawning. Full Potential provided stellar care from every team member. They gave excellent training from knowledge of condition to home exercise program!

    -Deb K.

    - Full Potential Provided Stellar Care from Every Team Member!
  • No more jaw pain while eating. The strengths at the clinic are the therapist’s knowledge on the condition and the possible causes!

    -Sean D.

    - No More Jaw Pain While Eating!
  • I was unable to turn my head at all without pain and headaches. I could not eat a full meal without causing too much pain. I can now turn my head reasonably without pain and dizziness. I can eat a lot more. The staff is very friendly and very helpful. They go the extra mile to figure out the problem and find a solution.

    - I Can Now Turn My Head Without Pain and Dizziness!
  • I had severe TMJ, causing severe headaches. It hurt to eat, talk, and sleeping was uncomfortable. Lots of jaw pain. I am now able to eat without pain.  I have not had a headache since I started! Sleeping is more comfortable as well as talking.

    - I Am Now Able to Eat Without Pain and I Am No Longer Suffering From Headaches!
  • I had headaches, some dizziness, clogged sinuses. Since Physical Therapy, I have seen a dramatic change, I know exactly what I need to do to “turn off” muscles and do the right exercises.

    - I Was Taught The Right Exercises to Relieve My Pain!
  • My jaw was locked for 3 days when I first went in, it was hard to chew, brush my teeth and I couldn’t open very far. Now, my jaw is almost completely unlocked, easier to chew, brush my teeth and I can open my mouth wider.

    - It is Now Easier to Chew, Brush my teeth, and Open My Mouth!
  • I was having jaw and neck pain. Since Physical Therapy, I have much less jaw pain….down to a dull, very manageable ache and I have “tools” to help me relax it.  Full Potential has healing hands!!

    - I Was Given The Tools to Help Me Relieve The Pain!
  • I would get headaches constantly and my neck was very tight.  Now, I rarely get headaches now and I feel a lot looser than it has felt before.

    - I Rarely Get Headaches and My Neck is Much Looser!
  • I was having a lot of back, neck and leg pain. Difficultly sleeping.  Now, I can move and sleep a lot better.

    - I Can Sleep and Move Much Better Now!
  • Both of my jaw joints had been sore, mainly on my right side and the pain increased with movement and chewing. I now do not have continuous pain in my jaw joint anymore and have much greater mobility.  I am able to chew soft foods now with no or little pain.

    - I No Longer Have Continuous Pain in My Jaw Joint!