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Patient Results:Ankle/Foot

  • I had a lack of flexibility in ankles, pain in my right foot, hip and lower back. Now, my leg and foot are much straighter, my hips are stronger; my ankles are both more flexible.

    - My Leg and Foot are Much Straighter, My Hips are Stronger, and My Ankles are Now More Flexible!
  • I was limping because of pain in my right ankle and because of favoring my ankle it was beginning to affect my opposite hip.  Now, I feel like I have made some real progress.  I am walking very normally and can hardly tell I’ve injured my ankle.

    - I Am Walking Normal Again!
  • I was having chronic heel pain  Now, it’s improving and I have ways to decrease my pain and increase mobility now.

    - I Now Know How to Decrease My Pain and Increase My Mobility!
  • My foot was run over by a forklift, so I couldn’t walk or put any weight on left foot. Now, I am able to play basketball on a weekly basis.  I can also make it through an 8 hour day without my foot being in extreme pain.

    - I Am Able to Play Basketball on a Weekly Basis Again!
  • I had weakness and moderate pain in right foot as a result of bunion surgery. Now, I am much stronger and have less discomfort in ankle and foot.

    - I Am Much Stronger Now and Have Less Discomfort in My Ankle and Foot!
  • I was having constant foot pain whether sitting, standing, walking, working out, etc. Now, my pain is minimal and at times non-existent. No pattern as to when it does flare up.

    - My Pain is Now Minimal or Non-Existent!
  • I had extreme pain walking, inflammation and swelling of achilles tendon. Now, (Full Potential) provided immediate relief on my first visit. He explored the cause of my pain and treated it. He also made a modification to my shoe for better support.

    - Full Potential Provided Immediate Relief on My First Visit!
  • I was very stiff and sore and I couldn’t walk well.  Now, I  can move easily, with not much pain anymore, back to normal. I would suggest to anyone in pain to come here.

    - I Can Now Move Easier and Without Much Pain!
  • I was having difficulties running and participating in cross country and track due to pain. Now, I’m able to run-pain free!  I’ve never been faster and I’m now one of the top runners on the team.

    - I Am Now Able to Run Pain Free!
  • I had swelling and pain in the shin area. I wasn’t able to stand for long periods without needing rest. Now, it’s gotten much better! I have been doing many stretches and strengthening exercises that have really improved the swelling and pain.

    - The Stretches and Exercises Have Improved The Swelling and Pain!