Patient Results:Lower Back/Disk

  • I have significantly less neck and back pain when I sleep. Luke is a good listener, patient, he explains things really well, and he worked to understand my body and provide accurate treatments, and he also communicated with the PTA’s very well. The PTA’s were kind, clear, and good coaches. The front desk is organized, clear, and kind. The facility is clean, well organized, maintained, and well layed out. All aspects of the clinic worked as a great team!

    Scott C.

  • I had a lot of lower back pain and numbness in my leg and was having difficulty walking. The pain and numbness is gone. I can now walk and do every day activities with little or no pain.

    Arlene W.

  • I had a sharp pain in lower back when I first came for physical therapy. Now,  I am doing 95% better and am well pleased with Full Potential.  They did an excellent job for me.

    Ronald B.

  • My lower back hurt from my elevated hip that also affected my leg. After Full Potential,  I no longer have lower back pain and leg pain.

    Anne P.

  • I had a painful shoulder and no strength. Now, I am much better and able to reduce pain with exercises. Also, the relief in my back has been life changing.  Thanks!

    Mike G.

  • I was unable to sit for any period of time and was extremely tight in legs and back. When I started I could only sit 15-20 minutes.  Now,I’m good for 2-3 hours. Bending forward when I stand only got me to the top of my knees. I recently improved to touch my toes.

    Brett D.

  • My back/neck were in serious pain after a car accident. Now, after learning new stretches and techniques I am now able to better manage my pain.

    Max B.

  • I had trouble reaching below my knees while bending,  severe pain in my right hip/pelvis. I was not able to lift/swing my right leg to get into my truck without using my arms to lift it. Now, I am able to bend over and touch my ankles, get in/out of my truck quite normally now.

    Larry F.

  • I was unable to lift much at all, bending was awful, pain even while standing. Now, I haveincreased strengthening and mobility, greater range of motion and better body mechanics and posture.

    Dalia S.

  • I had a hard time walking upstairs without pain when putting weight on left leg-also painful rising from seated position. Now, I feel back to normal, no pain, a little stiffness after sitting for a while. I walk up steps normally-no limping!

    Carole L.