Patient Results:Cervical – Headaches - TMJ

  • I was unable to turn my head at all without pain and headaches. I could not eat a full meal without causing too much pain. I can now turn my head reasonably without pain and dizziness. I can eat a lot more. The staff is very friendly and very helpful. They go the extra mile to figure out the problem and find a solution.

    Marcus H.

  • I had severe TMJ, causing severe headaches. It hurt to eat, talk, and sleeping was uncomfortable. Lots of jaw pain. I am now able to eat without pain.  I have not had a headache since I started! Sleeping is more comfortable as well as talking.

    Melissa P.

  • I had headaches, some dizziness, clogged sinuses. Since Physical Therapy, I have seen a dramatic change, I know exactly what I need to do to “turn off” muscles and do the right exercises.

    Anne L.

  • My jaw was locked for 3 days when I first went in, it was hard to chew, brush my teeth and I couldn’t open very far. Now, my jaw is almost completely unlocked, easier to chew, brush my teeth and I can open my mouth wider.

    Torie K.

  • I was having jaw and neck pain. Since Physical Therapy, I have much less jaw pain….down to a dull, very manageable ache and I have “tools” to help me relax it.  Full Potential has healing hands!!

    Lee T.

  • I would get headaches constantly and my neck was very tight.  Now, I rarely get headaches now and I feel a lot looser than it has felt before.

    Holly B.

  • I was having a lot of back, neck and leg pain. Difficultly sleeping.  Now, I can move and sleep a lot better.

    David R.

  • Both of my jaw joints had been sore, mainly on my right side and the pain increased with movement and chewing. I now do not have continuous pain in my jaw joint anymore and have much greater mobility.  I am able to chew soft foods now with no or little pain.

    Tiffany A.

  • I was in a lot of  pain; headaches, jaw aches. Now, I feel great!!

    Mary V.

  • My neck and hip was very stiff and sore, painful. A lot of tingling & achiness. Much less pain in neck and shoulder, some mild tingling only when overdue, sleep is much better.

    Donna V.