Temporomandibular and Facial Program (TMJ)

Temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD) or jaw problems can be the result of multiple influences causing pain in the facial region. The role of physical therapy in helping someone with facial pain is identifying all the factors that are affecting the development of pain in this region.

Central to this issue is determining if the source of pain is within the TM joint or is it external to the joint. In addition, TMD often has influences coming from the neck, upper back, and myofascial trigger points, with posture playing a significant role in these disorders. Physical therapy is the only profession that will analyze the complete system and work with your dentist or oral surgeon to get your problem under control. Associated with this process is helping you understand your unique problem and how to assist yourself with exercise, protective actions, along with stress and relaxation techniques to overcome what can be a difficult situation.

Full Potential physical therapy has three experienced physical therapist who have had extensive training in the treating the complete cervical/Temporomandibular complex and we are the only facility in the area with this extensive experience.

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