Patient Results

  • Since starting PT, I have returned to normal functions without pain or discomfort—chewing, talking, yawning. Full Potential provided stellar care from every team member. They gave excellent training from knowledge of condition to home exercise program!

    Deb K.

  • I have greater strength and ability to use my arm, and also improved sleep! Full Potential’s strength is that they are genuinely caring. My therapists listened to me and worked with me to achieve results. They were as excited about my progress as I was!

    Tamela E.

  • The most positive changes since starting PT is being able to resume normal activities and regain strength and function of my left hip. They were very punctual, willing to thoroughly answer all questions, very supportive and encouraging. They explained the exercises in a clear way and what the benefits are for strengthening. I’m so impressed with all the staff at Full Potential!

    Linda D.

  • No more jaw pain while eating. The strengths at the clinic are the therapist’s knowledge on the condition and the possible causes!

    Sean D.

  • I now have my full range of motion and strength back, so I can now carry on a full and functional life! The entire staff is very positive and friendly. Amanda was able to get me back to a full range of motion and with the help of the support staff, I have gotten my strength back as well. This has been the best physical therapy I have ever had!

    Kevin C.

  • The exercises that were taught to me gave me the relief from pain that I’ve dealt with for over 3 years! I believe the best quality was in taking plenty of time with me to adequately instruct the importance of how the pain occurs and how to prevent it from starting.

    Five Stars all around!!!

    Mark A.

  • My hips and legs are stronger. My balance has improved so much! Everyone here is very friendly and kind. There is a level of professionalism I haven’t seen before at a Physical Therapist clinic. The staff treated me with respect and worked very well with my limitations!

    Scott L.

  • I came to Physical Therapy for my neck pain that was caused by stress. I didn’t even realize I was in so much pain, I was just living with it and I thought it was normal! When I was seen by my doctor, he recommenced I come here to ease the pain I was having. I knew I had to cut back on the pain relievers I was taking, but I didn’t know how. Now, I have cut back a tremendous amount since coming to therapy. I never dreaded coming here because I always knew I’d feel better after coming. Every time I came, I learned something new and I always do those things at home when I feel pain coming on.

    I definitely recommend people who are in pain to not live that way. I don’t have one negative thing to say about Full Potential. Every one here is so friendly and always has a smile on their face.

    Marilyn M.​

  • I have greatly strengthened muscle groups in the thighs, calves, and back to erase SI pain and pain from multiple tears in upper thighs from climbing up and down steep hills. Full Potential is a GREAT institution!!

    Full Potential has excellent therapists who care and progress at a steady pace. They have excellent equipment to facilitate healing and build strength. All of the staff was kind and supportive. Thank you!

    Annette R.

  • Since coming to Full Potential, I have an increased range of motion and my strength has increased as well. When I came to Full Potential, my Physical Therapist presented as very professional, knowledgeable, and skilled. He took the time to answer my questions and he applied treatment that was focused on helping my body heal at an appropriate pace.

    All the staff in the office with whom I interacted with were attentive to my needs and seemed genuinely interested in my success. There was a positive atmosphere created by respect and the right amount of humor. Thank you Full Potential!

    Sharon P.