Full Potential Physical Therapy

Full Potential Physical Therapy is centrally located in Holland, so  whether you are coming in from the Northside, Southside, Zeeland area, or even for those who live south of Holland,  it is easy to get here.  We are at 286 Hoover Blvd which is the service drive directly west  off of US 31 between 8th and 16th streets. 

Many choose their PT provider only by location and ease of travel. This is one consideration but when it comes to your health  be sure to assess as well those factors that are the real reason you are seeking help - to get your problem solved. Convenience without results is not convenient in the long run. We have a long track record of helping people since1995, and along with that many stories (see testimonial section under your diagnosis) which describes former patients  getting the results you desire. 

That is why we state on our sign out front, “The Choice that gets Results,” because we do but you have to make the choice. Give our website a good look over, if you still have questions about us or your problem, call us and we will have a PT talk to you directly and help you understand how we can help you. 

Location is important but getting the results you expect is  the most important.

Call today for a better tomorrow, 616-392-2172

What Holland Thinks About Full Potential Physical Therapy

Absolutely wonderful place for therapy, I love the entire staff!

Denise M.

Professional, knowledgeable, and personable staff. After 6 visits I now have hope I can live without daily severe headaches or addictive drugs to relive the pain. Thru education about my posture, stretching excercises, and gentle exercise, I am slowly improving. Excellent care with a sense of humor! Thank you Tyrone and Josh!

Janice M.

They help me vet well, very nice and caring people!

Lana L.

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