Our Philosophy

Full Potential Physical Therapy’s treatment philosophy is to provide care that acknowledges each patient as an individual with their own circumstances and needs. Starting with a patient’s initial visit we conduct a thorough interview and evaluation. Through this process our intent is to develop a level of understanding that allows us to properly approach a patient’s problem. We appraise each patient, not purely as a diagnosis, but as a person whose ability to function in their world and enjoy life has become limited and painful.

In conjunction with a patient’s treatment, physical therapists provide  educational information to help the patient understand how to help themselves. The old axiom knowledge is power could not be more true than for someone in persistent pain. Painful situations that have not healed in a predicable amount of time often require a lifestyle assessment to help the patient understand what daily habits could be contributing to their ongoing painful condition. Through this process, patients come to understand that getting better requires their interest and participation to reach their goals. When a patient is discharged from our care, it is our hope that they feel their physical therapy experience was an investment for a healthier future and well worth their time and effort.

It is no small truth that a person’s future is highly dependent on a body healthy enough to take them forward toward their goals. A bucket list can start early in a life but it’s not so easy to check the items off as well as enjoy the process without the cooperation of their body. Because Full Potential acknowledges a patient’s unique needs all along the way, whether younger or older, we are able to help them reach for what is important in their life at whatever point in life they are.

Our former patients are really our best resource for validating the effectiveness of our care. Take a look at our testimonial section of our patient information page to get an understanding of our success in helping people.

We are here to help.

Vincent Hanneken, PT
Owner of Full Potential